How I Source

  1. I use my immediate and expanded network of excellent and vetted engineers. Years in the industry have made this a rich network, both on and off LinkedIn.

  2. Because I bring my software engineering background to the party, I get a much higher response rate than recruiters. I also use techniques honed as a hiring manager to help me do a far more informed and effective job of targeting engineers likely to respond and interview. This is especially useful when targeting niche skills.

How I Support

I work with each client thoroughly to understand and help optimally meet their spefic needs.

With Open Bracket, every client experience is a custom experience.

How I Close

When there’s a strong mutual fit, there isn’t the candidate’s corner and the client’s: There’s just one corner, and you are both already there.

That is the place I support from, and the place I close from. As an ally and advisor. Always