As a candidate, we engage in one of two ways:

  1. I have a job I think is a specific fit. I want to work with you to get you that job.

  2. I am building my candidate pool, and want to keep you in mind when I come across roles.

My Incentives

I work with clients - businesses - via a contract to source candidates. I get paid if you come through me. I offer a money back guarantee (full within 30 days, partial within 90 days). So my short term goal is a mutually happy placement.

My long term goal? Candidates and clients I will work with again and again.

My Process - Active Opportunity

  1. Quick pre-screen call to discuss the role, and your background.

  2. If it looks good and you’d like to proceed, I submit you for consideration and have a conversation with the hiring manager.

  3. If it’s a green light goto step 4.

  4. We prepare. That could mean anything from getting the interview schedule, to scheduling mock interviews and a coaching session. Up to you. It’s there if you need it.

  5. Interview process.

  6. Result! If it’s an offer, I help you understand whether to negotiate, and if so, how to do so.

  7. Thirty and ninety day check ins. Via email. Super brief.

At every step - I keep you informed as soon as I learn more. If things slow down or we are ghosted, I let you know that too, with an assessment on how to best proceed.

My Process - Candidate Pool

  1. Optionally have a quick call to discuss your background and goals.

  2. Add you to my pool, with some basic metadata (optionally enhanced by a call).

That’s it.

My Promise

I do not ghost.

I give what feedback I have, with what insights I have.

I will work my hardest to help you land the role, and keep the role.