My Background

I got started coding in high school with Visual Basic, then HTML, Javascript, C++, Java, and Scheme. I built my first computer and put Linux on it (initially favoring Redhat, then Linux Mandrake - before eventually moving on to Ubuntu and finally Mint). In college I wrote some FOSS and ran a project with some students at UToronto - using coding to support teaching at Northstar in Hadley, MA (a small independent secondary school).

Since then I’ve had a career spanning over 18 years - working with a lot of startups and small companies as well as some medium sized and larger companies. Sometimes directly, sometimes as a consultant.

I’ve lived and worked in the Virginia/DC area, NYC, and am currently in the Greater Boston area. (I’ve also done consulting stints in CA, CO, TX, NC, SC, PA, NJ, MA, and in Toronto).

More information:

My site


My Tech Stack

I still use Linux as my primary desktop, though I have a macbook ready to go for travel.

I favor Python, Kotlin, Rust, and C# - depending on the problem I am solving and the ecosystem I am working in.

I occasionally post toy projects and fun little things to my Github.

Founding Open Bracket

After working with recruiters for years, I found it was the rare recruiter (one) who had a background in tech - he had an excellent understanding of the roles he put me up for. That made a big difference.

My own search for work over the years, and the endless supply of recruiter outreach over LinkedIn and email, and the poor fit of submitted candidates I reviewed as a hiring manager, has left me with a useful frustration. “Here is a problem I would love to have solved, and would love to be the one to solve” - is the essence of good entrepreneurship.

Open Bracket LLC is my answer to that problem. My strategic advantage is my experience.

I can help bridge the gap between candidates and hiring managers to help the right people find each other.