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Trust Another Software Engineer

Finding a job in tech can be so frustrating.

Most tech recruiters do not have a background in software.

This is why I can help:

For over 18 years, I’ve been a software engineer. I’ve managed managers, conducted interviews, lead large departments, helped build version 1.0 of a stealth mode startup, taken on contracts, and worked as a consultant. I’ve helped coach software engineers through career advancement, interview questions (behavioral, algorithms, and system design), and helped negotiate offers. I know:

  • When a role is a mutual fit on experience, compensation, and culture.

  • Optionally, how to help you interview prep, including mock (behavioral, sys design, algorithms) interviews.

  • When to negotiate, and how to do so.

If you’ve dealt with the barrage of recruiters on LinkedIn and other platforms, you know most have no idea what they are doing.


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For Clients

A Software Engineer Knows Software Engineers Best

Most recruiter outreach goes unanswered.

The outreach that leads to engagement is often disappointing. Sourced candidates are not a good fit. How could they be? Most third party recruiters have a background in Sales, HR, or sometimes random fields. I once had a recruiter who had last been a high school football coach reach out to me with a predictably bad fit. On the hiring manager side, I’ve seen some awful submissions through recruiters.

I can help.

I have a deep understanding of what’s needed to hire the right backend, frontend, devops/sysops/sre, security, full stack, data, dba, and ML engineers + managers.

When you get a candidate through me, they are far more likely to:

  • Follow through with the process and accept an offer.

  • Be a strong, productive, and consistent performer and team player.

  • Stay longer.

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Experience Matters

Most tech recruiters do not have a background in tech.

I founded Open Bracket out of a desire to help engineers and companies find the right match, without all the frustrations and errors common when relying on recruiters and sources without hands on software engineering experience (or really any experience other than recruiting and often sales).

I’ve sourced and interviewed candidates as a hiring manager, and I’ve coached many former colleagues through advancing their careers.